Main Services

I have created these 3 packages to help you clarify your needs for your WordPress Shop. Each package will be tailored to fit your exact needs. Please use the contact button under each service and I’ll get back to you with an email in order to explore your vision and website goals.

Shop Building Package

Start selling online with beautiful, custom built, user-friendly and easy to manage Wordpress eCommerce website that will boost your sales and help grow your online business.


  • Beautiful custom built design
    Your website will boast an elegant and friendly design, tailored to your precise specifications. It will be optimized to work and look great on mobile devices and modern browser.
  • User-friendly interface
    Your clients’ shopping experience will be emotional, guided and the ckeckout process will be optimized to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales and customer return rate.
  • Easy to mange back-end
    You will not need experts managing your shop. Whether it’s products, sales, orders or user accounts, the back-end of your shop will be easy to use and very intuitive.
  • Search Enginge Optimized
    All your shop’s pages and prducts will benefit from built-in SEO. Google will love crowling your website. However, for advanced optimization, check out my SEO package or Full Maintenance Package.
  • Custom features
    I know every business is different and there will be lots of custom features you want for your site. Don’t worry, WooCommerce comes packed with everything you’ll ever need.

The best e-commerce websites create an online experience that makes visitors fall in love with thir products. This is my goal for your website too. Using the power of WordPress and WooCommerce, your shop will benefit from the latest web technologies, will be packed with custom features and will create a wonderfull experience for all our customers.

Shop Audit Package

I have created this audit package to help you improve your website's trafic and increase your conversion rates by optimizing your shop’s SEO, security and performance.


  • SEO Analysis
    Detailed traffic analysis that includes: search queries, inbound links, internal links, crawl errors, 404 errors, broken links, missing alt tags, faulty meta tags, SEO plugin configuration and more.
  • Security Analysis
    The safety of your shop is crucial in growing your business and maintaining a high level of professionalism. I will address the most common security vulnerabilities and offer my advice on how to fix them.
  • Performance Analysis
    Fact: a 1 second delay in page response results in a 7% reduction in conversions. I will thoroughly analyze your shop’s performance and find the optimal improvement solutions.
  • Comprehensive reports
    You will recive 3 detailed PDF reports on your shop’s current SEO, Security and Performance, outlining the main website problems, as well as pointing out the areas of improvement.
  • Design review of your entire site
    I will provide you with a list of potential improvements you can make to your website's user experience, offer my advice on how to boost your conversion rates and increase your revenue.

If you think your shop can do better than it is currenty doing, than this package is for you. My reviews include everything you need to know about your website’s weak points and offer professional advice on how to improve your web presence, increase your sales and grow your online business.

Full Maintenance Package

Never stress about your shop being down, updating plugins, improving SEO, finding security threats or optimizing your site’s performance. I am here to take care of all that work for you.


  • Regular WordPress updates
    Stay secure all the time with regular WordPress core, plugins and theme updates. Your shop will always benefit from the latest security and performance features of WordPress.
  • Full Search Engine Optimization
    Increase site traffic by setting up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, regular SEO traffic analysis and recommendations. White hat SEO boost for all your pages and products.
  • Complete performance optimization
    Boost conversions and reduce bounce rate by decreasing page response time. Create an enjoyable experience for your customers, one that will make them return and buy your products again and again.
  • Regular back-ups and monitoring
    Easy your mind knowing your site is always backed-up (core, database, plugins and all). I will also set up an uptime monitoring system that will notify me when your site is down so I can quickly restore it.
  • Comprehensive website recommendations
    While you focus on the products you are selling, I will focus on all the small details of your website: spelling, user experience, content optimization, social media, accessibility, etc.

I know how important your website is. It’s your online presence, a sales tool and probably the primary source of revenue for your business. Just like you need a mechanic for your car, your website needs to be in good hands in order to run like a well-oiled machine. With this package you won’t need to worry about anything web-related ever again.

Secondary Services

I have split some of my main services in smaller, more targeted ones. If you already have WordPress eCommerce website and want to improve it's SEO, Security or Performance, than these packages are for you. They will help boost your site's online presence, increase your sales and make your customers happier.

The SEO Package

Boost your sales by increading your web presence and reaching your targeted audience

  • SEO Analysis and planning
  • WordPress SEO plugin install and configuration
  • SEO Optimization for all your products
  • Google Analytics and WMT configuration
  • SEO Audits and analysis
  • Conversion Goals strategy planning
  • AB testing

With this option you will benefit from improved overall SEO and carefully chosen meta tags for all your products, based on a thorough research of your competitors and targeted market. Your site will be added to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, for a complete SEO analysis solution. Further optimization can be achieved with smart AB testing and a well panned conversion goal strategy. Everything in one package that is guaranteed to boost your web presence, the conversion rate and therefore your sells.

The Security Package

Transform your WordPress site into a secure, hack free environment with the latest technologies

  • Basic security procedures
  • Security plugins install and configuration
  • SiteLock Setup
  • Spyware, malware and virus scanning
  • Periodical backups
  • Periodical plugins and theme updates
  • 24/7 monitoring

WordPress can be transformed into a highly secured platform with just a few steps. I will install and configure the best security plugins so that you can go to sleep knowing your shop is safe and sound. Periodical checks and reviews will confirm your immunity to attacks. The package includes plugin and WordPress version monitoring and on time updates. I also suggest opting for SiteLock, the best online cloud based web security service. This package will guarantee you a safe online shopping experience site hack proof website.

The Performance Package

Improve your users' experience by speeding up the loading time and thus increasing conversion rates

  • Current load time analysis
  • Performance plugin install and configuration
  • Overall performance optimization
  • Cache setup and optimization
  • Javascript and CSS files compression
  • Performance analysis and comparisson
  • Peformance monitoring

Loading time is a major contributing factor to page abandonment. 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversion rate. I have created this package in order to upgrade your site's loading time and overall speed in 3 major steps. Step 1: you'll get a complete speed and performance review of your site. Step 2: I install and configure the best performance and caching optimization WordPress plugins. Step 3: I run the performance test again and show you the results. With this optimization package, your site will run faster, keep users engaged and boost your shop's conversion rate.

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    Why use WordPress?

    WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system. Currently more than 47% of all CMS powered websites out there use WordPress. Drupal, its next competitor in line is used on only 14%. Wodpress is used on 23.9% of all websites.

    You will love this platform first of all because of its simple and very intuitive content management system. The Admin Dashboard is easy to understand and easy to work with. However, if things get a bit more complicated, I will provide free consulting and advice.

    WordPress is constantly evolving thanks to an army of thousands of volunteers who care for the quality and resourcefulness of this platform. WordPress is here to stay and I’m glad I’ve been given the chance to work with it. It’s indeed priceless.

    Statistics for websites using CMS technologies

    Statistics for websites using CMS technologies

    Why use it for eCommerce?

    WordPress can be used for anything from simple blogs to complex online shops. The great customization power and flexibility of this platform has made it a prime competitor to Magento and is leaving other popular solutions like Shopify far behind.

    And it's all thanks to WooCommerce. This plugin powers 24% of all eCommerce websites, compared to Magento which is used on 8.76%. WooCommerce is now the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world and has been instrumental in encouraging everyday people to create innovative businesses.

    Whatever the purpose of your shop, it all comes down to customization and that’s where I come in. My years of experience with WooCommerce stand for the insight, solutions or consulting I can offer you.

    Statistics for websites using Ecommerce technologies

    Statistics for websites using eCommerce technologies

    Alchemic Design | Inteligent Front End Design

    I Build and integrate Custom Photoshelter Templates

    Photoshelter is one of the best photography portfolio platforms out there. Since I first discovered it, more than years ago, it has evolved into a complete service pack for photographers all around the world. It has a very complex built-in eCommerce system, tons of features, it's very SEO friendly and, most importantly, can be customized to fit any needs.

    I like to consider this platform "the WordPress for photographers". The only thing it lacks is the actual blog feature. But this is where I come in.

    Integrating Photoshelter custom themes with WordPress blogs is my specialty, besides WordPress eCommerce. I design and implement fully customized Photoshelter themes, then seamlessly integrate them into your WordPress blog. Of course, the process can also take place (and I recommend this) vice versa, by first building your custom WordPress theme, then creating a matching Photoshelter theme based on the WordPress one. The result is a beautiful all in one Blog/Photography Portfolio/eCommerce/Anything Else You Want website.

    Alchemic Design | I build and integrate Custom Photoshelter Themes

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