Jason Myers Photography

Custom Photoshelter theme with matching WordPress Blog for photographer Jason Myers.

The Challenge

Jason’s style is clean and focused. He wanted his website to reflect that. His photos would have to be the main focus on the site, with bits of description about his work and contact info inserted here and there.

Note: this project was done in collaboration with Alex Vita

The Solution

I designed and implemented Jason’s Photoshelter theme from ground up, keeping in mind that his photos would have to be the key players in drawing attention and engaging the visitors.¬†The big slideshows on his homepage and Portfolio pages do just that.

I also created a fully customized WordPress theme for his blog to match the exact Photoshelter style. Using Photoshelter’s plugin, Jason could easily insert photos in to his posts directly from his Photoshelter galleries.


Photoshelter Portfolios

Big Photoshelter slideshows display a selection of best off photos.


Custom WordPress Blog

Fully customized WordPress Blog that matches the Photoshelter style


Wordpress blog post

Easily added images with captions straight from the Photoshelter Galleries