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Alchemic Design - the brand
I am a one man creative eCommerce agency focused on technology, design, strategy and marketing. I always start by getting to know you better, finding what your vision is, the purpose of your new online shop and helping you define.
Alchemic Design | Inteligent Front End Design
I have dedicated my last 4 years to studying and understanding eCommerce and the process of selling online. During these years, my passion for WordPress remained the same. At one point an alchemic reaction took place and my vision was born.
Alchemy between WordPress and eCommerce

My mission:

to provide WordPress eCommerce solutions that effectively combine great design, rock solid technology and integrated web marketing. My purpose is to offer you a means of selling your awesome stuff online, in a secure, easy to manage and efficient manner, using WordPress as the foundation.
Alchemic Design | Inteligent Front End Design

Personal information

My name is Victor Ilioiu, I am 39 and I live in Bucharest, Romania.

I started web design at 24 as a way of occupying my post-graduate time. It quickly became a passion, so I went on improving by working with a dear friend of mine who had lots of websites to manage and even more ideas for new ones.

At the same time, my best friend Alex was rising as one of the best tech assistants at Photoshelter and his freelance life made me wonder about my own. It took me one year to decide to try it myself. I have never looked back ever since!

I love web design and I don’t imagine myself doing anything else for a living, except, perhaps saving the world. I try to stay on top of things, always investigating new technologies, trends and solutions.

During my home residency I discovered WordPress and after so many years, I’m still baffled by its flexibility and huge reservoir of free documentation and features. Everything came together when I understood the power it holds as an eCommerce platform. I consider myself a consultant, rather than a developer. I provide solutions, not just products or services. You'll find I'm irreplaceable, rather than interchangeable.

   Now let's get down to business   

What makes me Different ?

  • I am a great listener when it comes to hearing about your ideas for a new project. Communication is very important, especially during the first stages of a project. I'm here to listen to your needs and help you clarify and beter define your vision.
  • Always on time, always on top are my left and right hand weapons. I’m very dedicated to respecting deadlines and I strive to come up with new and ingenious solutions that will amaze and make you proud of your new web site. And because I don’t wear a shield (since I'm a dual wielder), I’m not affraid to plunge into the unknown, whether it’s concept, design or user experience.
  • Constant feedback is crucial, not only because it gives you, the client, control of the design and development process, but mostly because it facilitates a smooth evolution from concept to deployment. Whether it’s day or night, on the beach or snowboarding, I’ll be sure to answer all your questions.
  • I’m into long term relationships whether it’s work or life related. The end of our project does not mean the end of our collaboration and to prove it I offer 2 months free maintenance, help, consulting, advice and anything else you need to get started.

My Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Photoshop
I focus on:

Want an online shop or a Photoshelter + Wordpress integrated website? I am the one you need.

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